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What we offer

  • Individualized Content Strategy Plan for your TikTok account 

  • Monetization Partnerships

  • Weekly TikTok Trending Insights

  • Invite and pay creators to join CrispySmash TikTok original channel productions 

  • Access to free online courses from expert creators(valued over $200 each)

  • Provide content structures and guides to help creators make trending videos 

  • Host bi-weekly IRL meetups for creators (LA-Based)

  • Celebrate top-performing videos with paid rewards weekly(up to $500)

  • Acknowledge  your milestones 

Community Program

What Creators Say



I felt/feel very welcomed anytime I work with CrispySmash.They allow we so much creative freedom and have a lot of  helpful resources.I will continue to work with them because it has been nothing but positive experiences!

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